Windows 10: Your Phone Still Improves for Synchronization Between Android and PCs

The Your Phone app from Windows 10 has just been updated and offers even more options to sync your Android smartphone and PC. New features include syncing via 4G, sending and receiving MMS, or the ability to reply directly to messages from the Windows Notification Center.

Microsoft has added new features to its Windows 10 Phone application that allows you to sync PCs and Android smartphones or, to a lesser extent, iPhone. You can reply to your messages from your computer, access your photos, documents and more without having to commute between the two screens.

Windows 10: Your phone is updating with new features

Last April, Your phone received a new important feature on Windows 10: the ability to project the screen of your Android smartphone on PC and control it entirely from the computer. For the moment, this option is only available for Insiders. With the latest update, Microsoft further improves synchronization. Now users are no longer forced to be connected in WiFi to synchronize your PC and your smartphone. It also works with 4G but you have to activate the option in the settings.

It is now possible to adjust the smartphone’s zoom level when the “Mirror” feature is in use. But the big news is in the synchronization of messages. You can send and receive multimedia messages with images, GIF, etc. In addition, a badge is now marked on unread messages and Your Phone also supports photos associated with your contacts’ profiles.

Finally, it becomes possible to reply directly to messages from the notification center; the message sending module now includes an Emoji selector, etc. All these new options have been added in the new version of Your Phone for Insiders Windows 10, the time to tweak with the deployment in the version of the application available on Microsoft Store.