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WhatsApp: How to enable fingerprint unlocking on Android

After several months of beta and while the feature is available since February on iOS, WhatsApp on Android now allows the locking of conversations using the fingerprint reader.

To improve the privacy of its application, WhatsApp has announced the arrival of an additional layer of security. Now, Android smartphone users can indeed lock the application with the fingerprint reader .

This new feature follows the one already available on iOS. Since last February, iPhone users can indeed use Face ID or Touch ID to lock WhatsApp so that conversations remain private. WhatsApp had already activated it on the beta version of the app last August, but it now arrives on the final version.

WhatsApp fingerprint activation in five steps

A good way to prevent your loved ones from accessing your private conversations if you want them to remain confidential. To do this, WhatsApp explains the process on his blog and it is particularly simple:

  1. Go to the app settings
  2. Select “account”
  3. Go to “confidentiality”
  4. Press “fingerprint lock”
  5. Activate the option “unlock with fingerprint”

WhatsApp also allows you to fine-tune the setting. It is thus possible to select whether the application will ask for unlocking each time you open it, if the lock will activate after one minute or after 30 minutes. In addition, by locking WhatsApp with the fingerprint, you can request that notifications no longer display completely when you exit the application.

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