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Best 8 Podcasts App Downloads for Android 2020

Podcasts are more and more numerous and can be heard on many devices. Here is our selection of the best apps to listen to your podcasts on your Android smartphone.

Whether in transportation, cleaning or simply relaxing in bed, podcasts are a great way to get informed, dig a topic, or just relax and laugh. Of the thousands of broadcasts that exist, there is something for everyone, and it’s a bit like listening to them because there are several applications dedicated to Android. Here is a selection.

Pocket Casts, Outdroid recommendation

While Pocket Casts only exists in the paid version but it is really worth it for its many qualities. It is not only about our recommendation, but also about the community that regularly quotes it. It offers a wide range of features seasoned with a design respecting the codes of Material Design.

Audio effects, automatic downloads, and curation of content (podcast proposals that might interest you) are on the agenda. Also note welcome compatibility with tablets and with Chromecast, complete statistics and an accounting system that allows the synchronization of episodes heard between different platforms. Note also that its web player is very practical.

Download from Play Store (Paid App)

Podcast Addict, the alternative (free)

Podcast Addict has established itself as one of the references in this field. Available in free and paid version , this application covers a large catalog integrating the database of iTunes. The design is certainly far from the priority of its developer, Xavier Guillemane, but we can only recognize a wide variety of content and easy to use service.

Its search engine is very effective, it is possible to create playlists , to be notified of the release of new episodes of podcasts followed or to put podcasts favorites. It also has many options such as a timer or local file playback.

Download APK

Spotify and Deezer, the all-in-one

Podcasts have become so popular that even the usual music streaming platforms have not been able to ignore it. That’s why, now, Spotify and Deezer also integrate discovery, listening and subscribing to many podcasts.

Of course, you will already know the experience offered here because you already have your habits, and this allows you to consolidate all your needs in audio content within the same application, which makes the experience much more convenient. This is probably the greatest strength of this integration, and the reason why we group both applications under one roof.

Download Spotify APK

Download Deezer APK

Google Podcasts

Since June 2018 , Google has also been offering its own application dedicated to podcasts. This is a solution that goes straight to the point and is content with the minimum. You are therefore warned. If you’re looking for a lightweight app just to listen to your podcasts very simply without the hassle of thousands of features you’ll never use, Google Podcasts is for you. If you are fond of options of any kind, you should probably go your way.

The application also has the advantage of being natively integrated with the services of Google, including Google Assistant, and therefore Google Home.

Download Google Podcasts APK

AntennaPod, open source

If you are a free software fan, you should take a look at AntennaPod, an open source podcast playback application . You can import a large number of podcasts from different sources, access password-protected feeds, automate certain actions, search titles, and comment on episodes.

Open source , AntennaPod is a podcast player that is of course free and without any publicity.

Download AntennaPod APK

Podcast Republic – Podcast and Radio Player App

Are you a fan of Hi Techie or Club Internet and looking for a good Android app to listen to your favorite podcasts ? Podcast Republic may be the answer to your problems!

Like many other apps, Podcast Republic lets you skip silences, boost volume, speed up listening, manage feeds, and automatically download new podcasts you subscribe to. -line.

Download Podcast Republic APK

Podcast Player – Free

To listen to Hi Techie and Club Internet , the most comfortable is to go through a podcast application ! There are plenty of them and we could name several, but among the best known, we could mention Podcast Player.

Download Podcast Player APK

Castbox – Free Audio

Castbox is an application for listening to podcasts on Android, but also audio books . There is a large amount of audio content arranged within a clear and pleasant interface.

Download Castbox APK