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The Fortnite World Cup is official, 100 million dollars to win

The Fortnite World Cup is officially launched by Epic Games, which announces a $ 100 million cashprize for the year 2019. $ 30 million will be distributed during the grand finale of New York, including $ 3 million for the grand winner of the solo competition.

Epic Games formalizes and gives us the first details of its Fortnite World Cup competition. In total, a cash prize of $ 100 million will be distributed during the year 2019. From April 8 to June 16, will be organized ten weekly qualifying sessions online. One million dollars will be distributed to the players during each of these weeks.

Following this qualifying phase, “the top 100 solo players and the top 50 duo teams from around the world will compete in the Fortnite World Cup final in New York on July 26 and 28,” the publisher tells us. On this occasion, $ 30 million is put into play. The winner of the solo competition will leave with the sum of $ 3 million. Each qualified player will receive a minimum of $ 50,000.


If you did the math, you realize that we are still far from the $ 100 million promised after this final. Well, it’s because the competition continues. “We will continue to run $ 1 million cashprize tournaments every week until the end of the year. These tournaments will offer a wide variety of modes and formats to broaden the competitive field. We will also be offering awards and tournament tools to select partners to support the organization of Fortnite competitive events in other countries and regions around the world. All this, in order to allocate all of the 100 million dollars we have committed for 2019, “said Epic Games.

It is important to remember that Fortnite finally has an eSport scene at the height. After many problems (including connection) LAN, Epic had decided to pause the competitive scene, to return with this format. Note the choice focuses on the solo and duets, while the teams of 4 were put forward before.An ad that falls right to revive the interest of the title, while Apex Legends is flying the star at Fortnite. But do not panic: Saturday, February 16, 2019, 7.6 million simultaneous players were counted on the servers of the game, a record off-event (10.7 million players were connected simultaneously on February 2, 2019 through the concert of Marshmello).