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Scentbird: Online Beauty Shop. Perfume & Cosmetics

Who says you have to settle down with just one scent? Date around before you commit with Scentbird, where you can score a 30-day supply of any of our 500+ fragrances every month for $15.95. Our mobile app brings our catalog of over 500 perfumer and designer fragrances, luxury skincare, wellness products, and buzzed-about makeup right to your fingertips. Discover new total trendy obsessions, manage upcoming orders, and start plotting which items you want to try in the months to follow. Your new favorite product might be one you haven’t met yet.

Here are a few things our app can do for you:

1. Find new favorites in our catalog of net-a-porter fragrances, skincare, minerals and makeup, wellness products, which you can filter by brand, category, scent profile or customer rating.

2. Manage your queue by adding or removing products, tracking orders, and get shipping updates.

3. Explore new arrivals, best-sellers, and the Perfume/Cologne of the month.

4. Rate and review past purchases.

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