Rhythm Hive: All-New Chapter

All-New Chapter! Rhythm Hive is getting a glow up for the 1-year anniversary!
Introducing SEVENTEEN to the line up as well as an all new Diary!
Come check out HYBE’S Official Rhythm Game: Rhythm Hive!


From fan favorites to the newest releases like Butter, Magic, Upper Side Dreamin’, and Rock with you! Check out what Rhythm Hive has in store!

🎨 An all new Diary full of your favorite artist’s moments!
Combine personal covers, pages, binders, and stickers to create your very own Diary theme!
🌮 UR Voice and Message Cards exclusive only on Rhythm Hive!
Checkout all new Voice and Message Cards recorded in person by your favorite artist in this update!

🎨 Create a personalized profile and interact with fans around the world!
Customize your Profile using your favorite artist Skins and see who has checked your profile out using the Visit Log!

⭐️Your favorite artist’s best moments since debut, all in the form of cards!
Collect and level up Rhythm Hive’s exclusive selfie cards!

🎁 From login rewards to quest rewards!
Play now for a mountain of rewards!

🌏There’s also a special reward for Weverse users!
Don’t forget to link your account with the BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, and SEVENTEEN Weverse for special rewards!

[Smartphone App Access Permission Notice] Rhythm Hive requires access to the following to provide its services.

[Required] Storage: For reading and storing game data.

[Optional] Camera: Required to take photos/videos to upload.
Photos/media/files: Required to store videos and upload photo/videos.

*Choosing not to allow optional access permissions will still let you use the app.

[How to Cancel Access Permission] -Android 6.0 & up: Settings > Apps > Select permission category > Permission list > Allow or deny permission.
-Android versions below 6.0: Upgrade OS to deny permission, or delete app.

*Individual permissions may not be provided by the app, and in such a case permissions may be denied using the method described above.

*App permissions are used for playing the game only and are not used for any other purposes.

[Product Information and Terms] ※ A separate fee is charged for purchasing paid content.
▶ Payment amounts and methods are separately announced and are different for each product. (The actual charged amount may differ for foreign currencies depending on the exchange rate, fee, etc.)
▶ Product terms and periods are announced separately in the game.
▶ You can purchase the subscription product via in-app purchase, and the transaction is made each month from the date of your first purchase until you cancel the subscription.
※ If you don’t cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the next transaction day, it is renewed automatically, and the cancellation is handled in accordance with the Market’s cancellation policy.

[Contact] HYBE Co., Ltd
Privacy Policy: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/privacy/privacy_v2.html
Terms of Service: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/terms/terms_v2.html