Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Introduction About Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) checks its surroundings 360 degrees, 1800 times each second, to guide out the insides of your home. The three processors track its developments progressively, and the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( SLAM ) calculation figures the most productive course for cleaning. Utilizing the Mi Home application, you can switch on and remotely control the robot, change cleaning modes and set timetables, Additionally, a ground-breaking Nidec brushless DC engine, the primary brush with flexible stature and a 5200mAh Li-particle battery for up to 2.5 long stretches of cleaning, alluring in cost and quality, all these make it emerge of the market. Get the Mi Robot Vacuum and soil won’t stand an opportunity!


About Xiaomi Brand

Xiaomi was established in 2010 by sequential business person Lei Jun dependent on the vision “advancement for everybody”. We accept that top-notch items worked with front line innovation ought to be made available to everybody. We make striking equipment, programming, and Internet administrations for and with the assistance of our Mi fans. We fuse their input into our item extend, which at present incorporates Mi and Redmi cell phones, Mi TVs and set-top boxes, Mi switches, and Mi Ecosystem items including keen home items, wearables, and different extras. With nearness in more than 30 nations and locales, Xiaomi is extending its impression over the world to become a worldwide brand.

Main Features of  Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019

Intelligent Route Planning

Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) enables the robot to check its surroundings at 360 degrees, 1800 times each second, with the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping calculation to guide out the insides of your home and after that gives continuous arranging courses, edge cleaning pursued by Z-formed cleaning as indicated by the environment

Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System

With its vacuum framework, the robot engage your home a super cleaning like a tornado, with no residue, garbage, granule, or some other squander left, so spotless and smooth that you can stroll with uncovered feet on the floor

APP Remote Control
The modified cleaning region is accessible, only a single tick to set any place you wanna clean with the guide in your telephone

5200mAh Large Capacity Battery
The robot conveys 5200mAh Li-particle battery which guarantees 2.5 hours cleaning for a place of 250sq.m in full charge

1800Pa Super Suction
With solid power, the robot ingests all the flotsam and jetsam, steel globules, soybeans, residue, millet or some other squanders all in an abrupt

Almighty Helper
– 2cm obstacle climbing
– 2mm Rubber Bumper
– 360 degrees LDS pressure sensor
– 4 anti-drop stair sensors
– 10mm laser edge sensor
– Auto power-off after leaving the floor
– Automatic self-recharging sensor

The Bottom of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Taking a gander at the underside of Xiaomi Mi, you can see three wheels, one of which is rotational. “Rotational” is likewise a decent modifier for the turning brush. In contrast to the primary, winding brush that is likewise here, this brush enables tidy to up around the corners.

How Does the Xiaomi  Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Clean?

Like every single comparable bot, the Xiaomi Mi prides itself on “shrewd cleaning.” You can disregard it and it will do the majority of the work for you.

The fundamental brush is intended to work both on hardwood floors and covers. Regarding flotsam and jetsam, the main issue this bot has is with better residue and sugar on thick covering. Goodness, it will vacuum it up, yet it will take longer than most different vacuums to do as such.

Back to the highest point of the bot, you’ll see an enormous hover over the two fundamental catches. This would be the laser remove recognition sensor. Xiaomi Mi will delineate house out with it, just as 12 extra laser sensors situated at the base.

Fundamentally, you should simply position the charger on the floor, someplace the Xiaomi Mi can reach effectively. That way you don’t need to stress over the bot halting amidst a cleaning session.