Noise Detector, Sound Detector

Noise Detector, Voice Detector, Sound Detector &Meter app is a simple tool to measure the environmental noise, sound and calculate its value in decibel (dB) using the device phone microphone. 😃

Noise, Sound, Voice detector: Sound Meter app can easily use to detect much louder or too low sound. 👌

Noise detector is used to find different noise, sound levels and that value shows in different graphs and meters. 👈

Sound detector: Sound Meter app can use to detect what kind of sound like Breathing, Conversation, Motorcycle, etc


▪️ Indicates decibel value

▪️ Display Min/avg/Max decibel value

▪️ Display decibel values by a line graph

▪️ Display decibel values by different meters

▪️ Effects of each decibel level

▪️ Easy to use

please use this as just an auxiliary tool. Because devices Microphones are aligned to the human voice. If you need more accurate dB values, we recommend an actual sound level meter