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New emojis of 2020 for Android 11 and iOS 14 here are the 117

As every year, the Unicode Consortium selects the new emojis which will be integrated into all services this year. In 2020, there will be 117 new emojis.

new emoji 2020
It has become a tradition, each year is accompanied by its share of new emojis. In 2020, the Unicode Consortium announces the arrival of 117 new emojis in the standard through the Emoji 13.0 version.


We are not going to list each of the 117 new emojis here, but we will be content to mention the fairly significant additions to this new version. Let us first mention the addition of the smiling emoji with a tear, and the Italian gesture “Ma Che Vuoi”.

As for the characters, Emoji 13.0 adds the ninja and Santa Claus which will be very practical at the end of the year. Perhaps even more conveniently, the standard adds a person feeding a baby.

Concerning animals, this edition is placed under the sign of extinct or endangered species with bison, mammoth, polar bear, or even dodo.


For the emojis describing food, let us mention above all the arrival of the fondue (Savoyard or Swiss), perhaps waiting one day for the arrival of the raclette. Still in local dishes, we also added flat bread and Tamal.


Finally, the new Emoji standard is always more inclusive. Last year had added the representation of several disabilities and a gender neutral for declinable emojis. This year, we can mention the arrival of the transgender flag and its acronym.



This is the formalization of the new standard. Before you start using it, you will have to wait for the systems and services to install it.

For the system, it will probably have to wait for iOS 14, Android 11 and a new version of Windows 10 and MacOS. For services, Twitter is known to be fairly quick to integrate.

All publishers will now get to work to bring about this integration and facilitate our everyday communications.

The full list is available on the Unicode Consortium website 

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