mirror makeup and shaving with real light mirror

Mirror – Makeup and shaving with Real light mirror

STOP!! you’ve found the right app, do you need to carry a mirror just to check your appearance or put in contact lenses? Everything is on your phone now with this great mirror app, this prevalent application will be the last mirror application you download now for FREE!

why shouldn’t you carry a mirror again? with over 3 million downloads, mirror app is the your best choice, it’s the Best Mirror app for your makeup and shaving with lights. Why is this mobile mirror app better than using your phone camera?
• Mirror app function:
o Simple use
o lighting control
o Zoom function
o Image freezing
• Different modes:
o Night mode when it’s dark
o Bright mode when it’s too sunny
o Normal mode

Why is mirror app better than using phone camera?
Superior visibility
Freeze image to look at details
zoom and exposure
Video Mirror, Better than real mirror

Turn your phone into a real mirror & enjoy your daily beauty routine with this light up mirror beauty makeup

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