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Instagram launches Threads, its forbidden mail to strangers: download APK


The Facebook group continues its expansion and unveils a new email application named Threads and derived from Instagram. It comes to compete with Snapchat by taking an interface centered on the use of the camera.

The only people you can contact on Threads are those on your list of “close friends” on Instagram who have added you to their private list. So, this new app claims to increase privacy and proximity, as opposed to Instagram where all users can write to you or send login requests.

An automatic status feature
Threads are particularly suitable for exchanging selfies, but also encourage users to regularly update their status using emojis to report work, sleep, games, and meals. For users who agree that the application accesses a large amount of personal information, Threads can create a status with a custom emoji through the automatic status option. For this, the application needs permissions of all kinds such as location, battery level, network connection, movements, etc.

Karina Newton, Instagram’s policy manager, says that with your precise position, the app can understand whether you’re at a cafĂ© or restaurant. She added that placements are not published, shared, saved, or used for advertising targeting purposes. We can still worry about this access to private data and everyone will judge the relevance of permanently offering its location to Facebook to have an automatically updated status on Threads.

The release of this application is a new attempt by Facebook to overshadow the ephemeral e-mail specialist Snapchat, which is once again in a wave of user growth and presents itself as the application for communicating with his “true friends”.

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