India-made iPads are coming

The government of India wants Apple to participate in its new incentive that could result in the first “Made in India” iPads early this year, according to a new report from Reuters.

India has set aside 70 billion rupees, or $ 964.5 million, over five years as manufacturers’ cash refunds for exports, with a government official saying that India is “asking Apple to assemble iPads by its contract manufacturers here, the non-Chinese companies.”

Apple Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron each of the contract manufacturers operate major plants in India. Foxconn and Wistron facilities commissioned with iPhone assembly work.

Image showing the iPad Air 4 holding the hand

It is unclear which of the three suppliers will collect the iPads.

IPads made in India come

Apple is already participating in India’s $ 6.7 billion scheme to boost smartphone exports via contracted manufacturers. The new incentive should boost local tool manufacturing.

The vast majority of iPads are assembled in China although Apple is trying to diversify production in India and Vietnam. Foxconn, the world’s leading contract maker, is building facilities in Vietnam to assemble iPad and Mac computers.

Prices for the first iPads manufactured in India may drop later this year.

In India, iPads will likely be assembled by Apple by one of its existing suppliers in the country Early this yearTwo of the sources said, though, that its plans may be delayed as India is making BYD entry difficult amid its caution against giving new tech businesses to Chinese companies.

India may also offer incentives to foreign companies like Apple to build wearable devices like smart watches in the country, which Reuters says could be announced within two months. Last year Apple finally opened its online store in India. However, the Cupertino tech giant has yet to open its brick and mortar stores in India’s 1.35 billion market.