NVIDIA iGame Ti Gaming Video Graphics Card

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NVIDIA iGame 1050Ti Gaming Video Graphics Card  is NVIDIA GeForce 7000MHz 128bit 4G DDR5 6Pin with DVI + HDMI + DP with Cooler Fans Bitcoin Mining

Introduction About NVIDIA iGame 1050Ti Gaming Video Graphics Card

While Colorful might not have the enormous name notoriety here in Europe or even in the US, they’re as yet a major player in the dGPU showcase. With a noteworthy nearness in Eastern markets, they convey some aggressive designs cards, and significantly increasingly focused costs. For gamers on a more tightly spending plan, the GTX 1080 Ti likely isn’t on your shopping list. In any case, at under £150, the GTX 1050 Ti is an aggressive answer for reasonable PC gaming. The 1050 Ti has demonstrated a major hit with numerous PC gamers who play at 1080p (or lower), in the eSports showcase, and for diversions like LoL, Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, and so on.

Main Features in iGame 1050Ti Gaming Video Graphics Card



Assembling Process: 14 nm

CUDA Cores: 768

Default/Boost Clock 1290/1392MHz

Turbo/Boost Clock 1379/1493MHz

Memory Clock 7000MHZ

Memory Config 4GB GDDR5/128 Bit

Type 2x Fan (9cm)

Heatpipe measure and Q’ty 2xφ6 (Al)

Fan Power Connector 4-stick, PWM