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How To Pin Comments On Instagram Pin Your Favorite Comments

Instagram is rolling out a new feature previously reserved for a handful of users: pinned comments. This option is one of the measures taken by the social network to combat harassment.

Now under the leadership of Facebook, Instagram welcomes new features quite regularly. Most of the time, these options allow the social network to compete. We think for example Stories put in place to divert Snapchat users. Mission accomplished since Instagram Stories quickly became more popular than those of the little ghost network.

More recently, Instagram deployed Reels, a new function for making video mini-clips directly integrated into the application. With Reels, Instagram is tackling Tik Tok, the new network which has been very successful, especially with the youngest.

The race for the competition is not the only motivation for Instagram executives. For a long time now, the social network has been implementing tools to fight against harassment. The first stone to the building: the possibility of deleting from a block all the comments posted under a photo. More recently, developers have integrated artificial intelligence capable of detecting offensive comments to delete them automatically.

Since July 7, 2020, Instagram, therefore, offers pinned comments in order to complete the anti-harassment toolbox. Available since May for a handful of users, the functionality is starting to be deployed more widely. The principle is simple: you can pin up to three comments under a post.

If this option will undoubtedly be used to flatter the ego, it especially makes it possible not to make appear the negative comments in the head. The list of three comments is not frozen. At any time, you can choose another one to replace the highlighted ones, without any limit.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram?

To pin a comment, the manipulation is very simple: the author only has to swipe to the left and touch the β€œpin” icon. Users will be notified by the mention ” Pin β€œ visible under the comment in question.

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