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How To Make Video Calls On Tinder [Call Your Matches]


Tinder now allows its users to make video calls. The dating application is currently deploying a video chat option called “Face to Face” in ten countries around the world, including US. To fight against harassment, Tinder obviously offers its members to deactivate the functionality for certain matches.

Tinder is full of new things this summer. A few days ago, the dating app launched an option to verify your profile and authenticate your photos. In a new press release, Tinder is now announcing the long-awaited arrival of video chats.


This video calling feature, under test since early May, is being deployed in the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, Chile and the United States. To take advantage of this new feature, you do not need to add a phone number to your Tinder account.

To be able to chat on video, Tinder requests the consent of the 2 users. It is therefore not possible to call a match that has not activated this feature. If the two Internet users in the conversation have activated the “Face to Face” option, a camera icon will appear in the right corner of the interface, to the right of your match profile picture.

During a video call, your smartphone screen will split into two parts. The top part will display the face of your match. While the bottom section will show you your own face. “Thanks to this split-screen, you can see what you look like on the other person’s smartphone” advance Tinder, believing that the option will put the members ” more comfortable “.

For the time being, it is still only a large-scale test. At the end of each call, Tinder will ask its members for their opinion on the video call. If the results of the experiments are conclusive, the option will be deployed in the rest of the world.