Google Phone will soon be able to record voice calls

Google Phone will soon be able to record voice calls 2020

Google Phone will soon be able to record voice calls

The Google Phone app may soon record voice calls. This is all that the bloggers of the XDA-Developers site say, who discovered a few lines of code of interest in the latest version of the application.

The Phone application is the application dedicated to calls installed by default on Google Pixels, smartphones with Android One such as the Nokia 7 Plus or the Motorola One Vision, and soon Xiaomi devices sold in Europe. News that had also disappointed users of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and others since they were, in fact, going to be deprived of a popular feature: recording voice calls.

This feature is no longer supported by the Phone app since Android Pie 9.0. However, the new Xiaomi smartphones that will be launched in 2020 on the European market will all be equipped with the Google Phone application by default. This explains the disappointment of the users since it is currently offered automatically on MIUI 11, the last overlay of the manufacturer based on Android 10.

Xiaomi then reassured its users by guaranteeing the arrival of this feature in 2020 on the devices concerned. Only, Google could probably bring a premature solution to the problem. Bloggers on the XDA-Developers site have delved into the code for the latest version 43.0.289191107 of the Google Phone app. It has just been deployed this Wednesday, January 15 on Pixel 4.

The editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman discovered there a new interface, a new icon as well as elements relating to the recording of calls, as evidenced by these lines of code:

<string name= »incall_label_record »>Record</string>

<string name= »incall_content_description_record_unchecked »>Record</string>

<string name= »incall_content_description_record-checked »>Recording</string>

A feature removed from Android 9.0 Pie

As Mishaal Rahman rightly points out, recording voice calls was a feature found on almost all Android operating systems up to Android 9.0 Pie. The manufacturer had then suddenly decided to withdraw it. In fact, users had to rely on OEMs and hope that this functionality would be present in the various calling applications by default. Owners of Pixel and Android One smartphones had no choice but to root their phones to be able to record their phone conversations.

However, the editor-in-chief said that Google would be working since April on an API that could allow third-party developers to offer this functionality to users. For now, the button to start recording has not yet appeared on the application, we will keep you informed as soon as there is something new.

Source: XDA-Developer

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