Google Nest Speaker Shows Off Photos in New Format

Google Nest Speaker Shows Off Photos in New Format

Google would prepare a speaker within its Nest range. Photos appeared on the canvas revealing a unique enclosure design for the American giant.
It looks like a rather large pebble, with the gray fabric fairly emblematic of Google audio products. Announced by the 9to5Google site last month, the next Google Nest speaker is real. A Japanese regulatory authority leaked photos, revealing its design, as spotted by a Twitter account.

Tuesday evening, the product had appeared under the number GXCA6 on a list of the FCC, the American certification body. On Wednesday, a Japanese counterpart sold the wick, supporting photos. And we now know that it is indeed a successor to Google Home and not a dongle for Android TV codenamed “Sabrina”.


Supposed under the name “Prince” which circulated until then, the next Google Nest Speaker brings notable changes to the range. More elongated, it looks more like a thinner Google Home Max. It seems to have a bigger audio system, which should improve the sound quality compared to the original Google Home.

The speaker nevertheless takes on the characteristics of the range: a fabric covering on a rubber base, a switch above to mute the voice assistant and the microphones, as well as what seems to be a plug to connect the power supply. A rather surprising and not necessarily most elegant positioning.

This new product would be added to Google Nest mini, Home max and other Nest Hubs. On the other hand, difficult to know what would be its added value in the range, unless it comes to replace the Google Home launched in 2016 and which has still not taken its new name since the takeover of Nest by Google.