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Google Maps: Incognito mode is available on Android, download APK

Google is currently deploying Incognito mode on Android smartphones through a server-side update. Similar to the mode already integrated with YouTube and Chrome, the option allows you to leave no trace in the browsing or search history of the application. To enjoy it as soon as possible, we invite you to keep your application up-to-date by downloading the APK of the latest available version.

After a small-scale test phase , Google is currently deploying Incognito mode for all Google Maps users on Android. According to Mountain View’s estimates, the deployment will be completed by the end of October. This novelty will happen in the coming months on the iOS version of the application.

Google Maps: Incognito mode is being deployed on Android, download APK
Once enabled, the option prevents Google Maps from storing locations and routes viewed on the app . As on Chrome, it is possible to activate this mode private browsing by clicking on an icon (similar to that of Chrome) accessible in the interface. Here is the maneuver to follow:

Click on your profile picture (top right of the screen)
Tap the Incognito icon (below the Manage your Google Account button)
A gray banner will appear at the top of the screen to indicate that the mode is active
Even if it is a server-side update, you will need to update your application to take advantage of the mode. For this, you can go through the Google Play Store or if you prefer, you can also directly download the APK of the latest version via the APK download section.

Download Latest Google Maps APK


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