Google Duo now allows you to react to video messages

Google Duo now allows you to react to video messages

Google Duo updates on Android with this time a feature that allows you to react with emoji to video messages and other missed calls. The application thus offers a selection of eight emoji acting as a smart reply. Without being a major feature, the option is practical to respond quickly. 

Google Duo is without a doubt the most underused of Google’s applications. And yet, this video conferencing application does just as well or better than the FaceTime of the Apple ecosystem. It is, therefore, one of the easiest ways to communicate on video with your family and friends. All with a simple Google account.

Unlike FaceTime, for example, the application allows you to leave video messages to your correspondent when you cannot reach them or when they are busy. Where on iPhone, you can either answer the call, or reject it, or send a predefined quick response. Google has therefore decided to allow in addition to this the user to answer a call or a video message quickly, with a simple emoji.

A new emoji icon is, therefore, being deployed in the application. It gives access to a list of eight emoji, seven of which are fixed. There we find the emoji thumb up, thumb down, I love it, I cry with laughter, I’m shocked, it’s party time and I’m sad. The last emoji seems to vary depending on the events (Christmas, New Year or other).

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Only one of these reactions can be selected – but it is still possible to send a longer message. The functionality seems to be based on a server functionality and is what we told you during deployment. To be sure of benefiting from it, it is advisable to have an up-to-date application. What you can do via the Play Store or by directly downloading the APK of the application from the APKMirror site:

Google Duo on the Play Store

Google Duo sur APK Mirror

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