Game Booster: GFX & Fix

Why Game Booster?

Game Booster is a special tool developed for gamers. With Game Booster, we can easily find your games and make the games work more optimized. Game Booster is developed by a special team.

Special Features of Game Booster

Game Turbo: Some tips can be shown for you to optimize your games.
Auto detect games: Game Booster quickly scans the installed games on your device.
Cleans Ram: Game booster provides more free ram memory by stopping the services and applications running in the background.
GFX Tool: For some specific games, it helps to enable features. This feature only works for some special games.
FPS Monitor: See the current FPS value of your games instantly. You can customize it according to the game you will play.
ANTI-PING Mode: Game booster includes a DNS changer. It automatically connects to the fastest dns service.
Crosshair: In shooting games, you can choose a more distinctive crosshair in the color and appearance you want.

Reminder: If you change any settings in the game graphics, close the game completely, reconfigure your settings from the Game Booster application before you start playing.

Note: Auto detect games feature can be turned off in game booster settings.

Some features of Game Booster are still under development.

Feel like a pro while playing your games.

Some special permission requirements for Game Booster to work properly
Usage statistics permission: This permission is requested to determine how much resources running applications and games are using.
Apps installed on the device: Game Booster sees the apps installed on the device to detect the games you have installed on your device.
View permission on other apps: We need this permission for FPS Monitor, Ping Monitor and Sight to work properly.