Ecoplay: Plant real trees by Playing Games

With Ecoplay, you can fight climate change right from your phone by playing free games.

Our mission is to plant one billion trees by 2025. A billion is a big number and that’s why we need your help.

By using Ecoplay to play games, you are:

👣 Offsetting your CO2 footprint
🌳 Helping reforest our planet
💸 Donating to environmental charities in need of your help

From training farmers to employing innovative technologies, we’re proud to work with these organizations that are revolutionizing the fight against climate change.

🌴 Eden Reforestation Projects
🌳 One Tree Planted
🌲 American Forests

How it works:

1. Install new mobile games from the Ecoplay app.
2. Collect seedlets as you play games.
3. Use your seedlets to plant trees in the region of your choice.
4. Track your impact and see how much carbon your trees have absorbed.

Start planting now and join us on our journey to 1 billion trees.

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Got questions about Ecoplay, feedback for us, or just want to ask us about our favourite type of tree? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected]