Best 12 Apple Arcade Games You Should Definitely Try

What the Golf

What the Golf is not a game that is particularly expected on a paid service, but it adapts perfectly to mobile platforms. As the name suggests, it is a game of golf…. a bit special.

Difficult to talk about this game without spoiling the surprise, but we can say that it is certainly the most awesome game since the invention of Katamari Damacy.

Beyond A Steel Sky

Apple Arcade also has the right to its Cyberpunk 2077-like and, even, following a flagship game of the 1990s. Beyond A Steel Sky, Following Beneath A Steel Sky , offers a very comic visual atmosphere (The co-creator of Watchmen,Dave Gibbons, is behind the artistic direction). Welcome to Union City, in a dystopian future, where AI rules the world. Robert Foster, the original hero, is back in the company of his robot sidekick and he still has a very sharp verb. This time he must find the son of a friend who has been kidnapped and finds himself in the city he once fled.

This point’n’click will delight as much the nostalgic of the original game, but also embark the new players seduced by a story well put together, interspersed with humor and a well-felt irony.


Assemble is the new game from Ustwo Games studio, known for the saga Monument valley. Here, no silent princess to bring from point A to point B, but a more down to earth narrative concept where we follow the wanderings of a woman through the menu services that she can render right at left. What do all these services have in common? The repair.

Disassemble, find the fault, change the parts, reassemble, and ensure that the devices become functional again. It’s relaxing, fun, original and makes you want to quickly take the next step.

Hot lava

The game to jump everywhere. Kind of a great release,Hot lavatransports you to different environments that you have to cross by climbing everywhere, jumping from one ledge to another, from one object to another, while avoiding falling in the lava ( The floor is lava! ). It is delightfully retro in its approach and decor, but you also have to use your sense of observation to progress.

We like the possibility of playing with others in multiplayer mode and it’s quite fun. But you can also choose to face each other to show you the smartest and fastest. Note that the augmented reality version of the game via the iPad Pro 2020 is quite funny. Because it integrates your living room, bedroom or other, in the game.

Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 wants to make you live an exceptional “chatventure”. The kings of prophecy are back! While they were fighting to find out which of the two kingdoms deserved the ancestral blade, cats and dogs finally broke the object of their lusts. Generations later, the heroes are back and join forces to defeat King Leonis.

If the touch controls are not always obvious, Cat Quest 2 is a real RPG treat, both for its mechanics gameplay as for his cute universe full (play with the sound, the meows are adorable).

Sneaky Sasquatch

Under his childish air, Sneaky Sasquatchis a damn clever game. It is clearly intended for a young audience, but the older ones will also be entertained by this strange hungry creature who steals food and objects from campers, drives vehicles, tries to escape from the police, passes the mountain to the city passing by the shores of the lake, to lead a small life.

And you can even take an apartment by having engineered everything to pretend to be a human being. A game in which you have to be damn smart to achieve your goals.


For those who prefer narrative adventure games, it’s time to turn to Mutazione . It is a soap opera in a dark universe filled with melancholy … and humor.

The game begins with Kai – or Shrimp, or Grasshopper… it all depends on who is talking to him -, a young woman going to Mutazione at the bedside of his dying grandfather. Then begins an epic full of mutants and extraordinary stories.


Notice to fans of XCOM and other turn-based strategy games: Spaceland is there to lavish your favorite sensations on your iPhone or iPad. The scenario is not very innovative: during a routine mission in space, you detect a distress signal. When you “ ask To see (and after having regained consciousness after the crash), you discover a colony devastated by monsters which are not very original either.

If Spaceland is quite conventional enough, it is nonetheless very nifty. By taking back what works, it could not be otherwise…

The Enchanted World

Do you like to worry? You like graphics low-polyThe Enchanted Worldis made for you. You play as a little witch who will have to fight her way through a world full of pitfalls. For this, she has a magic wand (the branch of a tree in reality) which allows her to move certain elements of the decor. But beware, moving one is not without consequence for the others.

If you like teasing games, you will be in heaven. Be careful, however, puzzles quickly become difficult.

Rayman Mini

After Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, Rayman is back on mobiles, always in the sauce runner, inRayman Mini. The formula has not changed. Rayman advances without stopping and the player only controls his jumps, glides and punches. The goal ? Reach the end of the level by recovering, if possible, the 100 Lums hiding there.

Always as simple in principle, always as well executed by Ubisoft. Of course, you have to like themrunnersand maybe have a touch of nostalgia to have fun starting over the levels several times to unlock all the outfits available.