Apps Uninstaller: App Remover Delete Apps Easily

Apps Uninstaller: App Remover Delete Apps Easily is an application that helps you to easily uninstall the application which you want. You can also extract application, share application with everyone. You can share apps via social media, extract apps and uninstall apps by just one click. This is free and best app.
You can directly open your installed apps Remove unused apps & Apk Extractor, App sharing and apk extractor is an important feature. Everyone wants all features in one app, so in Apps Uninstaller – Remove unused apps & Apk Extractor you can easily share apk, extract installed apps, uninstall or remove apps and know all the information about apps like app Storage, Data usage, app permissions and App details. You can also clear cache and clear data of app by this best sharing app. You can find app with the help of search button provided in this app in search bar.
• App Uninstaller – App Remover
• App Battery Usage status
• Extract app easily
• Share app easily
• All installed apps list
• All apps which are installed from stores will be shown in one place by default.
• Apps can be removed or uninstall by one click
• Detailed app info
• Search bar is available to find apps quickly
• It’s totally free.
• No ROOT access required
• Support Batch Uninstall
• Its fast and simple easy to use.
• Apks are easy to send and Share apps on all social media apps.
• Installation of all shard apps are very easy on the receiver end.
• App sharing is now easy by this hot share app.

In this apk sharer, you can Share your favorite apps with your friends very easily. Mostly devices are not eligible for sharing apps to others devices, but you don’t worry for this, we have hot share app for you, by this you are able to send and transfer app to others. The app which you sheer will easily feed share app in receiver device. The main thing is that, all the apps which you downloaded from stores will show you in this Apps Uninstaller – Remove unused apps together in the list. So, you can easily delete apps by pressing delete apps button. This is simple uninstaller and easy remove app.
In addition, you may know about app info like how much your battery is consuming, application permissions, data usage etc. you can also know the size and space of app, which occupied by different apps. You are able to change settings like clear data, clear cache and get the whole app information.
How it works:
• Download and install this easy share apk
• Open this Apps Uninstaller – Remove unused apps.
• For app sharing, press share button and send it to your friends.
• To extract app, click on app extractor button.
• If you want to delete apps, click on delete button, app will uninstall after pressing delete button.
• App info will be display after pressing info button.
• Enjoy your share apks app .