Antivirus – viruses protection, security, VPN

Antivirus for Android – free and reliable protection of your device against viruses ensuring security of device and personal data.

Device protection against hacker attacks. Free antivirus will scan, detect and delete viruses on your device. Device protection against all potential threats: viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, adware.

Main features:

● Antivirus – viruses removal and security improvements

● Cleaning – device cleaning, cache cleaning, ads spam and apps removal with a single click

● Device speed up – core memory (RAM) cleaning and optimizing device speed by deleting needless background tasks. Disable startup apps to decrease memory usage.

● File manager – useful instrument for files management on your device. Wireless connection to any other device.

● VPN – VPN protects your privacy on the internet and hides your IP-address.

● Apps protection helps you protect your apps, personal data and conversations from other people.