Android The Best Free Antiviruses Apps

Android: The Best Free Antiviruses Apps 2020

Antiviruses on Android are at the heart of a great debate: some consider that they are not necessary, while others prefer to feel better protected. That’s why we offer you a comparison of the best free antiviruses for Android.

This guide brings you a selection of the best free Android antiviruses. Before going any further, keep in mind that antivirus is not essential on a smartphone, especially if you use it with some basic security measures.

360 Security

It is one if not the best antivirus on Android. It is currently used on over 200 million smartphones around the world. In addition to of course offering all the necessary security, this small application will offer other features.

It thus turns into a RAM “booster” , which allows you to kill unnecessary applications in the background. It also offers an all-new smart battery saving feature to help you monitor the apps you use the most and conserve your battery play

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