Android Auto: Google relaunches deployment of new update, download APK

Android Auto gets a new look and offers a new design marked by a dark theme and a dynamic navigation bar. Introduced in May, its deployment started in late June before being suspended by Google. It has just been revived and we hope for good this time.

Google is offering a major overhaul of the Android Auto interface , the new version of which was introduced last May at the Google i / o conference in 2019. Announced this summer, the deployment of the update will be always wait. Yet last month, several users had received it . No beta has been proposed, all suggests that Google deploys the update by phase.

Android Auto: deployment of the new version has resumed As reported by Android Police, a new wave of users is currently receiving the new update. The interface is identical to what Google had presented a few months ago. Android Auto now has a darker theme with bolder colors and fonts, a new dynamic navigation bar that makes it easy to multitask, a new Google Assistant button, and a notifications icon. Some users have been able to activate the new interface by installing the latest version of Android Auto (v4.5.5928) . It was then necessary to erase the cache of the application and data, then force the closure. A button will appear when restarting, offering a “Test of the new Android Auto”. This new version is activated directly server level but only users with version 4.5.5928 report having received the new interface. Better to ensure that you have installed the latest version through the APK file in case the update is not available for your device from the Play Store.

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